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Wilbur Smith in Seychelles

South African Novelist Wilbur Smith once owned a house at former Cap Colibri (currently privately owned under the new name of Cap Du Cerf) on Cerf Island in Seychelles.

He described it as �one of my favourite places on earth - my home at Cap Colibri in the Seychelles", a group of exquisite islands in the Indian Ocean off the East African coast.


Cap Colibri was a big part of an earlier chapter in my life. Cap Colibri's 22 acres encompass almost the entire southern section of Cerf Island, which forms part of the Sainte Anne Marine National Park, a string of reef-girdled islands close to the Seychelles� main island of Mah�. It has three fine houses, boats, full amenities and communication facilities, emergency generators and desalination plants, and a secluded beauty that's truly rare



Wilbur wrote a novel called Wild Justice: (Also published in the United States as 'The Delta Decision'. Here�s a synopsis::


When tall, blonde Ingrid and her companions chatter their way gaily through the security check at Victoria Airport in the Seychelles, nobody suspects that the first act of a horrifying drama is being played out. For Ingrid and her friends are terrorists bent on hi-jack.

Their victims, four hundred Boeing 747 passengers; their destination, South Africa; their methods, ruthless deadline execution of hostages; their inspiration, the sinister, elusive figure code-named 'Caliph'. Who is Caliph? Major-General Peter Stride, leader of a secret crack commando team of Atlas, the organisation formed by the Western nations to confront the ugly menace of hi-jacking, is determined to find out.

Defying orders from supreme command and forcibly freeing the hostages on his own authority, Peter shows a disturbing independence of spirit from the start. When his aid is sought by Magda Altmann, widow of another Caliph victim, he-finds himself plunged into the violent and murky waters of international espionage.

Driven to the edge of sanity by the kidnapping of his own daughter and the uncertainties surrounding his growing love for Magda, Peter single-mindedly pursues his quest, until with a chilling twist, the mystery of the true nature of Caliph is solved in a hair-raising scene in the valley of the Dead Sea.

The novel's many-layered plot is ingeniously constructed to contrive a startling series of twists that never foreshadow the-dramatic denouement of the last pages. A tense tale of intrigue, betrayal and violent action, Wild Justice is also a disturbing look at the fascination and corrupting force of power pursued for its own sake.





Other regular visitors to Seychelles include J. K. Rowling, Tony Blair and honeymooners.

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