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The Islands of Seychelles

The Seychelles comprises some 115 islands off the east coast of Africa.

Listed below are the names of the Seychelles islands.

Name Group / Atoll
Alphonse Alphonse and St. Francis Atolls
Amirantes Isles
Anonyme Island
Aride Island
Assomption Cosmoledo Atoll
Assumption Island
Astove Cosmoledo Atoll
Banc de Sable St. Joseph's Atoll
Bancs Africains African Banks
Bancs aux Cocos St. Joseph's Atoll
Bancs de Sable Farquhar Atoll
Bancs Ferrari St. Joseph's Atoll
Bancs providence Providence Atoll
Benjamin St. Joseph's Atoll
Bijoutier Island Alphonse and St. Francis Atolls
Bird Island
Boudeuse Amirantes Group
Cachee Island
Cerf Island
Champignon des Euphrates Aldabra Atoll
Chauve Souris Cosmoledo Atoll
Chiens St. Joseph's Atoll
Cousin Island
Cousine Island
Curieuse Island
D'Arros Island Amirantes Group
Denis Island
Deposes Farquhar Atoll
Desnoeufs Amirantes Group
Desroches Amirantes Group
Eagle Island
Eden Island
Etoile Amirantes Group
Florentin Poivre Atoll
Fregate Island
Goellettes Cosmoledo Atoll
Grand carcasaye St. Joseph's Atoll
Grand Ile (Wizard) Cosmoledo Atoll
Grand Ilot Aldabra Atoll
Grand Mentor Aldabra Atoll
Grand Polyte  Cosmoledo Atoll
Grande Soeur
Grande Terre Aldabra Atoll
Gros Ilot Gionne Aldabra Atoll
Gros Ilot Sesame Aldabra Atoll
Heron Rock Aldabra Atoll
Hide Island Aldabra Atoll
Ile aux Fouquets St. Joseph's Atoll
Ile aux Goelettes Farquhar Atoll
Ile aux Macaques Cosmoledo Atoll
Ile aux Moustiques Aldabra Atoll
Ile Aux Moustiques Cosmoledo Atoll
Ile aux Poules St. Joseph's Atoll
Ile Aux Vaches
Ile aux Cedres Aldabra Atoll
Ile Baleine Cosmoledo Atoll
Ile Cocos
Ile des Noeufs
Ile du Milieu Farquhar Atoll
Ile du Nord Cosmoledo Atoll
Ile du Nord  Farquhar Atoll
Ile du Nord-Ouest Cosmoledo Atoll
Ile du Sud African Banks
Ile du Sud Poivre Atoll
Ile du Sud Farquhar Atoll
Ile du Sud-Ouest Cosmoledo Atoll
Ile du Trou Cosmoledo Atoll
Ile Esprit Aldabra Atoll
Ile Fangame Aldabra Atoll
Ile Michel Aldabra Atoll
Ile Nord-Est Cosmoledo Atoll
Ile Observation Cosmoledo Atoll
Ile Paul St. Joseph's Atoll
Ile Plate
Ile Suacco Aldabra Atoll
Ile Sud-Est Cosmoledo Atoll
Ile sux Algrettes Aldabra Atoll
Ile Sylvestre Aldabra Atoll
Ile Verte Aldabra Atoll
Ile Lanier Aldabra Atoll
Iles Chalands Aldabra Atoll
Ilot Deder Aldabra Atoll
Ilot du Milieu Aldabra Atoll
Ilot du Nord Aldabra Atoll
Ilot du Sud Aldabra Atoll
Ilot Dubois Aldabra Atoll
Ilot Emile Aldabra Atoll
Ilot la Croix Cosmoledo Atoll
Ilot Macoa Aldabra Atoll
Ilot Magnan Aldabra Atoll
Ilot Marquoix Aldabra Atoll
Ilot Parc Aldabra Atoll
Ilot Salade Aldabra Atoll
Ilot Yangue Aldabra Atoll
Ilots Nicois Aldabra Atoll
Islette Island
La Digue
Lapins Farquhar Atoll
L'Ilot Island
Long Island
Malabar Aldabra Atoll
Manahas Milieu Farquhar Atoll
Manahas Nord Farquhar Atoll
Manahas Sud Farquhar Atoll
Marie Louise Island Amirantes Group
Menai Cosmoledo Atoll
Middle Row Island Aldabra Atoll
Moyenne Island
Noddy Island Aldabra Atoll
North Island
North Row Island Aldabra Atoll
Pagode Cosmoledo Atoll
Pelicans St. Joseph's Atoll
Petit Carcasaye St. Joseph's Atoll
Petit Menton  Aldabra Atoll
Petit Mentor Endans Aldabra Atoll
Petit Polyte Cosmoledo Atoll
Petite Soeur
Petits Ilots Aldabra Atoll
Picard Island Aldabra Atoll
Pink Rock Aldabra Atoll
Platte Island
Poivre Islands Poivre Atoll
Polymnie Aldabra Atoll
Providence Providence Atoll
Rat Island Cosmoledo Atoll
Remire Amirantes Group
Ressourve St. Joseph's Atoll
Round Island
Round Island (Praslin)
Saint Francois
Saint Joseph Island
Saint Pierre
Sainte Anne
Seche Island
Silhouette Island
St. Francois Alphonse and St. Francis Atolls
St. Joseph St. Joseph's Atoll
St. Joseph's Atoll
St. Pierre Providence Atoll
Table Ronde Aldabra Atoll
Therese Island
Vars St. Joseph's Atoll


Common mis-spellings:
For Seychelles
sea shell

For Cerf
surf island
serf island

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