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Beau Vallon Bay : hotels, Berjaya beach resort, Seychelles (Mahe)

Seychelles  has to be the most concentrated place on earth for beaches.


We start with the island of Mahe. Beau Vallon to the north, is the most frequented beach in the region and perhaps the most popular on the island. And with good reason. Easy access and short distance from Victoria, it's close for everyone.

Even though the beach is spectacular, there have been problems with over-commercialization.


Tim Ecott, a regular visitor to the Seychelles for many years, wrote, "At the Berjaya Beau Vallon Beach Resort there were five waitresses in the pizzeria, and we were the only customers. For 20 minutes the staff chatted among themselves, occasionally sauntering between the tables adjusting the knives and forks in a desultory way. Two appeals for service were sullenly ignored, and eventually I had to leave the table and approach the cashier to place my order. In more than 10 years of eating there, I've never known it to be any different. The Beau Vallon was one of the original nationalized hotels, and it seems some things never change."

Hopefully, your visit to Beau Vallon, Mahé, Seychelles, will be different than Tims'.



Sand - white powder, soft - During the North West monsoon from November to around April, sand is removed from the beach by the powerful waves and currents and during that time the beach is more or less covered completely by the swells during high tides. A direct result of this has been the degradation and cracking of the existing seawall which protects the public road that runs parallel to the beach.


Facilities - full service


Shade - large adult trees and palm trees


Sports - full service


Notes - large beach, crystal clear water

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